About the Forum

Notice: Please kindly note that the Forum is not open to public, and the registration-invitation procedure has been closed.


With the focus on the in-depth development of the Innovative Strategic Partnership between China and Switzerland, to facilitate the effective cooperation in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship between the two countries, New Huadu Business School Switzerland (NBS), Swiss-Sino Innovation Center (SSIC) and the Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Switzerland (CASTS) are going to jointly organize the Swiss-Sino Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cooperation Forum 2017 (SSIECF2017).

SSIECF2017 is the first Forum aiming to combine the advantages of Innovations in Switzerland and China’s vast market as well as capital. The forum will create an extraordinary opportunity for both sides getting better understanding of each other and thus promote the innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation.

Participating Chinese representatives are from senior leadership of 10 top Chinese Venture Capital and Private Equity funds to participate the forum, including Tsing Venture, Oriental Fortune Captial, etc., and corporate executives of several Chinese major enterprises, including CEFC China Energy Company Limited, Citychamp Group, etc.


The major objectives of SSIECF 2017 is to facilitate inter-linkages in the following three areas and to seek practical implementation of a number of specific projects:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation

To promote Sino-Swiss innovation and entrepreneurship docking and cooperation, help Swiss high-tech innovations and startups find Chinese investors to grow both in China and Switzerland.

  • Swiss enterprises to China

To help small and medium-sized Swiss companies find Chinese partners, develop Chinese market and business.

  • Chinese enterprises to Switzerland

To help Chinese enterprises enter Swiss and European markets, find European partners.


The forum is for guests with invitation only. We welcome any Swiss entrepreneurships and innovative teams who are interested in the Chinese capital, or those who may have a future interest in entering China market to expand business or set-up factories, research centers, etc. If you are interested in participating in the Forum, please fill the form and we will contact you as soon as we receive your requests.

Special Guests (By alphabetical order of the last name

Ms Sandra Bachmann Vice President, Swiss-Chinese Association
Mr Carli Beeli President, China-Switzerland Connection
Dr Jean-Jacques de Dardel Swiss Ambassador to China
Ms Wei Grueber-Wang Vice President, Swiss-Chinese Association
Mr Kurt Haerri Board Member, Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC)
Dr Felix Moesner CEO, swissnex China
Mr Jordi Montserrat Director, venturelab c/o IFJ
Dr Guido Mühlemann Vice President, Swiss-Chinese Association
Dr Nektarios Palaskas Head of Science, Education and Technology, Embassy of Switzerland in China
Mr Helmut Reichen Vice President, Swiss-Chinese Association
Mr Bruno Sauter Head of the Office of Economy and Labour, Canton of Zurich
Mr Paul Schenker President, Campus Stiftung
Prof Christian Schwarzenegger Vice Rector, University of Zurich
Mr Walter Steinlin President, Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI)
Mr Francois Stieger Angel Investor & S-Partners Board Member
Mr Felix Sutter President, Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC)
Mr Raphaël Tschanz Deputy CEO, Switzerland Innovation
Mr Michael Waser Duputy Head of Science, Education and Technology, Embassy of Switzerland in China
Ms Beilun Wei General Manager, Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC)
Prof Xinhua Wittmann Director, Swiss Chinese Case Study Center, University of Zurich
Mr Fangcai Cai Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of China in Switzerland
Mr Kevin Chen Head of Preparation team, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Zurich Branch
Dr Yong Dai President, Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Switzerland (CASTS)
Mr Wenbing Geng Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, Embassy of China in Switzerland
Mr Weiyun Gong General Manager, China Construction Bank Zurich Branch
Prof Zhiyi He Chairman, Newhuadu Business School
Mr Kwok Lung Hon Chairman, Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited
Ms Shuli Hu Chief Editor, Caixin Media
Mr Kui Hu Chief Financial Office, Hecom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd
Mr Eric Li Director, China Unicom Swiss Branch
Mr Jincheng Liu Chairman, Guangzhou Pearl Group
Mr Peng Liu Executive Vice President, Swissport, HNA Group
Mr Yongjian Piao President, Longjiang Environmental Protection Group
Mr Bin Sheng Managing Director, SDIC Fund Management Co.,Ltd.
Ms Li Wang Chief Investment Officer to SMTCL, President, Createlligence Investment Co., Ltd.
Mr Qi Xue Founding Partner, Shanghai Beshining Law Office
Mr Daoyuan Yan Chairman & CEO, Eakay Hi-Tech and Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr Chunzhi Yang General Manager, Hainan Resort Software Community Group Co., Ltd.
Mr Kai Zhang General manager, Overseas Investment Dept., JD Capital
Mr Cun Zhao Executive Director, CEFC Trillion Capital; Director, CEFC Shanghai International Group Limited
Ms Na Zhao Vice President, CITIC Trust
Mr Xiao Zhen Managing Director, Swiss Center China
Mr Xu Zhou Chief Representative, Shenzhen Economic and Trade Office in Europe